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Products for High Risk and/or High Volume Accounts:
We specialize in high risk merchant accounts. If a business falls into the high-risk category, which basically means that there are increased risks for the processing bank when compared to other types of businesses because of the nature of the products or services that the business is selling.

Although operating a business that falls in to the high risk category means that most processing banks will refuse to handle your account, and those that do, will charge a much higher rate, that does not exclude you from being able to process credit cards or ACH checks. In the end though, the majority of shoppers use credit cards and not cash, so getting approved for a high-risk merchant account will put you on your way toward generating greater revenues for your business.

We can have you set up and processing in as little as 48 hours after you have completed the application and all of the required documents - depending upon the type of account you are applying for. We strive to provide the most efficient means for our clients to open a high risk merchant account.

  • Adult Website Payments
  • High-Volume Merchants
  • Sports Forecasting / Odds Making
  • Escort / Companion Services
  • Adult Merchant Account
  • High Charge Back Merchant Account
  • Identity Theft Merchant Account
  • Seminar Merchant account
  • Membership / Recurring Billing
  • Travel Agents / Timeshare
  • Dating Services / Memberships
  • Online Pharmacy - Meds
  • Replica / Watches / Bags / Jewelry
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Wholesale Import Merchant
  • MLM Merchant Account