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Prepaid Credit Cards, Payroll Cards, Gift Cards:
Virtual Terminal:

Payroll Cards are reloadable prepaid debit cards, allowing the employer to place the employee’s wages on to the card each pay period. The employees in turn can use the cards at any Visa/MC location worldwide as well as ATM or POS terminals to access their earnings. There are approximately 150 million wage earners in the U.S., significant portions of which are "unbanked". Check cashing kiosks provide an expensive and inconvenient option for this population. Payroll Cards are issued to companies who wish to provide a safer, less expensive way for their unbanked employees to cash their payroll. They allow cardholders instant access to cash via established ATM or POS terminals while providing the safer option of utilizing the cards at millions of MasterCard or Visa merchants worldwide. Additionally, Payroll Cards offer an alternative to printing and mailing paper payroll checks. They are ideal for companies that process payroll, as well as financial institutions providing payroll services to commercial customers, as a value added service to their clients whose employees will consider the Payroll Cards an employee Benefit (all or portions of their paycheck may be transferred to the Payroll Card sponsored by their employer).


Expense Cards are reloadable prepaid debit cards, providing employees with preset funds for trade spending and other business related expenses. Prepaid Expense Cards can be used at any Visa or MasterCard debit merchant location worldwide as well as ATM or POS terminals. The employer enrolls the employee in the program and loads the money onto the cards to be used for specified trade spending or business related expenses. The cards may be used at millions of locations worldwide that accept Visa or MasterCard debit cards. Certain Merchant Category codes (MCC's) may be restricted at the Employer's option. The employer may load additional funds onto the Cards at any time.

  • Reloadable at each pay period
  • Branded with VISA or MasterCard logo
  • ATM and POS terminal access
  • Card personalized for account holder
  • Custom card designs available
  • Card activity and balance information available via internet or IVR
  • Spending controls including MCC restrictions, spending limits and transaction limits
  • No paper checks to cash or deposit
  • Funds available for use on payday
  • Purchases can be made using card rather than checks, cash, money orders, or cashier's checks.
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Information on purchases and deposits available on the internet or via IVR
  • Program Administration and maintenance available online or through a specialized team of Customer Service Representatives